• Research

    My primary research is concerned with Indigenous-Settler relations with a special focus on the histories of anthropology or, more aptly, the anthropology of anthropology. For example, focus on action anthropology looks at the political theory of action anthropologists, especially Sol Tax, Nancy Lurie, Robert K. Thomas and Robert Rietz (to name a few). In doing so, I take an ethnohistorical approach to understanding the political context of their projects in approaches to decolonizing anthropology in their own time and consider how their knowledge might be useful in relation to Indigenous-Settler relations today including education, activism, policy, governance, and law. Related themeatic subjects include treaty analysis, storied praxis, resource extraction/resistance vis-à-vis Indigenous Rights and Settler Obligation.

    Land, Languages, Locatives

    I play a lead role in the collaborative interdisciplinary project, Land, Language, Locatives. Our project explores the relationships between community, place and language in social, cultural and political contexts from multiple perspectives.

    The Franz Boas Papers

    As Associate Editor of the Franz Boas Papers, I undertake research on my own edited volumes of the letters from the Franz Boas Papers held in the collections of the American Philosophical Society. The series is published by the University of Nebraska Press. I also work with editorial teams on the production of their volumes as well as planning, coordinating together with the General Editor meetings, symposium and community engagements related to the FBP project as a whole. The current volumes I am working on include one on Indigenous politics and activism in the interwar period and another on Boas and Anthropology's intersection with African American Studies.


    Sovereign Anthropologies

    Sovereign Anthropologies (SA) explores the political theory and activisms of Indigenous anthropologists such as Archie Phinney and Ella Deloria. SA draws out new perspectives on their theories and methods as they relate to contemporary challenges of revitalizing Indigenous Law and re-asserting Indigenous Sovereignties through kinship, activist, policy, governance and storied praxis.



    Just Relations: Anthropology & Law in Canada

    Just Relations is a book project I am co-editing with Rob Wishart (University of Aberdeen) inspired by the contributions/works of Michael Asch to understanding Indigenous/Settler relations in Canada both through and beyond Anthropology and Law.



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